Is your online / e-commerce hustle paying you? Don’t go broke whilst hustling.

Are you really making sales or you are just winging it like I was? 😂

There are so many reasons why your online hustle may not be paying you😂. Sometimes the issue is not the quality of the product, most times your online business hustle is not paying you, because you have not paid enough attention to your distribution channel.

It’s not enough to have a great product. The creation process of a product is as important as it’s distribution. I will share a short story about how I confused display of goods with distribution. I’ve always been passionate about fashion, so when I had the opportunity to retail in the United Kingdom I jumped at it. I honestly thought the whole thing was going to be very easy, I had the right suppliers and the quality of goods I had in stock was something I was very proud of. Since a few of my friends were buying from me, I assumed that creating a website and a few flyers should be able to get me the right traffic and conversion.

So off I went, I created my logo designed my website via Shopify, posted my stock and every day I would refresh my stats on Shopify. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t making impressive sales. No one actually told me about how important digital marketing was to my business and how important it was to have a digital marketing plan. So I struggled with sales and to cut the long story short I had to sell the stock at discounted prices to a retailer in West Africa.

I’ve had a few entrepreneurs talk to me about how they have the right product but they are not making enough sales to cover their operating cost. I often tell people getting the right product for the target market is only 1/4 of the job required of you as an entrepreneur. It’s your responsibility to make the goods and services appealing to the customer and also ensure that when they hit your landing page, they are satisfied enough with what they see, this is what they do will convert the traffic into sales. Having a great website is not all you need, a robust digital marketing strategy and user experience strategy needs to be put in place. I’m aware that most entrepreneurs cannot be bothered with this additional headache but no one would pay you for having a good product on your website or for having a great website if you don’t give them a call to action. It’s important to put thoughts into these things.

In order to help entrepreneurs think through the conversion of sales on their websites. PAEN network has decided to offer a free webinar to entrepreneurs titled “Website to Sales”.


The objective of this webinar is to educate small business owners so they understand how to use their business website to maintain the interest of a prospective buyer, and convert them into sales! This session will share simple tips that small business owners can put in place to make their business website more effective.


A prospective customer requires one or more services and has found their way to your website. Is your website effective enough to convert them into a sale?


1hr 30mins


  1. Value proposition – how clearly are you communicating your services?
  2. Branding – how is your website presenting your business?
  3. Qualities of an effective website – tips, dos and don’ts
  4. Landing page – an introduction to a website landing page
  5. Customer journey – the path you are leading your prospects through
  6. The conversion process – what happens after?
  7. Review & evaluation – applying tips learned on your business website
  8. Q & A

Kindly register via this link PAEN’s Website to Sales Webinar and please forward to other entrepreneurs.

Many thanks ,


PAEN Community Lead



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